How to sign up in Tablion

This help page is designed to guide users through the registration process for Tablion. The "Register" option enables users to sign up for an account on Tablion without requiring assistance from an Administrator. The registration process typically involves filling out a form with personal information, such as the user's first and last name, email address, and chosen password. Once the user has successfully completed the registration process, they will receive an activation email to confirm their account and can start using Tablion to browse and request data.

  1. To sign-up for Tablion, users can click on the "Register" button.

  1. Upon clicking on the "Register" button on Tablion, the user will be directed to a registration page where they can enter their personal information, such as their first name, last name, email address, and password.

  1. Once a user has entered all required information into the registration form, they may proceed to create their Tablion account by clicking on the "Register" button.

  1. Upon successful completion of the registration process on Tablion, a user will receive an activation email to get started with the platform.

  1. The user needs to click the link in the email to register successfully.

By default, upon successful registration on Tablion, a user will be granted researcher access. However, if a user needs to change their role within the platform, such as a data passport approver or data request approver, they will need to connect with the Administrator user of the Tablion system. The Administrator can then make the necessary changes to the user's roles and access within the platform.

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