Tablion Data Portal

Tablion is a data request portal that provides users with a streamlined and secure way to request data from data owners. By transforming the data catalogue into a click-and-collect data shopping cart, users can easily browse the available data and instantly connect with data owners to request the needed data.

The fast click-and-collect data shopping basket:

Tablion makes submitting a data request as easy as click-and-collect shopping, so users can build a basket of variables ready for review, all with a few simple clicks.

  • Build a shopping basket of data variables: Build a basket of data variables, complete request questions and send applications to data stewards ready for review - all with a few simple clicks.

  • Improve confidence in data: Reduce questions by giving users metadata that makes it easy for them to understand data before accessing it.

  • Define identity controls to reduce identity burden: Issue users with a reusable proof of identity and data skills, so they only need to provide their credentials once - and future requests are authorised faster.

Different roles that users of Tablion can play:

  • Administrator: An administrator user is an individual or group responsible for managing the Tablion system and its associated functionalities. The administrator has the authority to manage the datasets available for request through the platform, customise the Tablion system according to the organisation's needs, and manage the user accounts and permissions within the system. The administrator's responsibilities also include monitoring the quality of the data available in the system, ensuring the security and privacy of the registry data, and defining the standards.

  • Data request Approver: The data request approver is an individual or group responsible for reviewing data requests and ensuring that all requirements for data access are met. Researchers must have a valid data passport to access the requested data, and the data request approver must verify that the researcher's data passport is up-to-date and accurate. Additionally, the data request approver must ensure that the researcher meets all requirements for accessing the requested data, such as meeting ethical or legal guidelines. If the researcher meets all requirements, the data request approver will onboard the researcher and provide them access to the requested data.

  • Data passport Approver: The data passport approver is an individual or group responsible for reviewing and approving data passport requests from researchers. The approver's primary responsibility is to verify the details provided by the researcher in their data passport. This involves ensuring that the researcher has provided accurate and complete information, including their identity and any ethical or legal considerations that may be relevant.

  • Researcher: A researcher is an individual or group seeking data from an organisation to conduct research. To access the data, the researcher must have a valid data passport, which verifies the identity and purpose of the data request. Using the data catalogue, the researcher can browse available variables and add them to their shopping cart. Once the cart is complete, the researcher submits a data request for approval by the data request approver. If the data request meets all requirements and is approved, the researcher is onboarded to the platform and granted access to the requested data for their stated research purpose. The role of the researcher is critical in ensuring the quality and integrity of the data is maintained and that it is accessed and used in a secure and controlled manner.

  • Project Lead: As a project lead, you hold a significant position within the access request process. Not only do you have the authority to add users to the request, but you also have the option to personally join the dataset, allowing you to modify your passport requirements as needed. You are responsible for overseeing the progress of the request and have the ability to mark it as a draft or ready for submission. Additionally, you possess all the privileges and responsibilities of a team member, enabling you to perform various tasks supporting the access request, such as responding to access request questions and corresponding with access request approvers.

  • Analyst: As an analyst involved in the data request, you play a crucial role in the process. One of your primary responsibilities is to be onboarded to the dataset, which grants you access to the required data. In addition to your access privileges, you also have the duties of a team member. This means you can actively contribute to the access request by responding to questions and engaging in correspondence with approvers. Your expertise in analysing and interpreting data is invaluable in handling the access request effectively and efficiently.

  • Discussant: As a discussant in the data request, your role focuses on providing valuable insights and perspectives without being directly onboarded to the dataset. While you cannot access the data, your contributions during discussions and meetings are highly valued. As a team member, you are still responsible for engaging in the access request process by responding to access request questions and corresponding with access request approvers.

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