How to create a document type?

Each document type represents a specific category or classification of documents that users can select and submit during the verification process. By clearly defining and organising document types, the system ensures that users provide the necessary and appropriate documentation to establish their identity and qualifications effectively.

Steps to create document Types

  1. To access the Admin tools, users need to navigate to the homepage and locate the option as "Admin Tools.

  2. To create a new document type, the admin should navigate to the document types section and click on the "create" button.

  3. Admin has the ability to assign a name and provide a definition for the document type they create. This allows them to give a clear and descriptive title to the document type, making it easily recognisable and understandable for both administrators and researchers.

  4. Admins have the option to select how the created document type will be used within Tablion.

  • Within Data passport: The document type will be specifically linked to data passports. Researchers will be required to submit this document type as part of their data passport application.

  • Within Data projects: The document type will be associated with data access requests.

  • Within data passport and project: The document type will be applicable to both data passports and data access requests.

  1. Admin needs to decide how they want to store the uploaded document.


  • Refers to the policy that is automatically selected in the client's hosted plan.

  • Set by the operations team and applied as the standard policy for handling uploaded documents.

  • Serves as the default choice unless specific configurations are made for individual document types.

Email Pass Through:

  • Documents uploaded by the researcher are immediately forwarded via email to a designated inbox.

  • Provides a quick and efficient method of transmitting uploaded documents.

  • Allows for immediate access and review of the documents by relevant organisation.

  • The email pass through process bypasses any intermediate steps or delays in document handling.


  • Involves storing uploaded documents securely within the Tablion data portal platform.

  • Ensures that documents are preserved and kept in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Documents stored under the retain policy can be accessed and retrieved as needed.

  • Provides an additional layer of data security and compliance with privacy regulations.

  • Offers a centralised location for managing and organising stored documents.

  1. Admins should click on the "Save" button to save the created document type in Tablion.

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