How to Create a New Dataset in Tablion

The user needs to be an Administrator of Tablion to create a new dataset.

  1. To access the Administrator tools, users must navigate to the homepage and locate the option "Admin Tools".

  1. To navigate to the dataset section, users should locate and click on the "Datasets" option in the side panel.

  1. To create a new dataset, click on the "Create" button.

  1. When creating a new dataset, the user is required to enter specific details to provide essential information. These details typically include the following:

  • Name of the Dataset: The user should enter a suitable Name or title for the dataset. This Name should accurately reflect the content or purpose of the dataset.

  • Definition of the Dataset: The user should provide a clear and concise definition or description of the dataset. This description helps others understand the dataset's scope, content, and intended use.

  • Contact Point of the Dataset: The user needs to specify a contact point for the dataset. This contact point is a reference for inquiries, feedback, or communication related to the dataset.

By providing these details during the dataset creation process, users ensure that the dataset is appropriately identified and relevant contact information is available for further interactions.

Adding Distributions to a created Dataset

  1. Select the "Add" button to add a Distribution to a created dataset. You can also make additional Distributions by selecting this "Add" button.

  1. When adding a Distribution to a created dataset, users are required to name and define the Distribution. This involves providing specific information about the Distribution to help users understand its content and characteristics. Here's how users can name and define the Distribution:

    • Name of the Distribution: The user should assign a suitable and descriptive name to the Distribution. This name should reflect the specific version or instance of the added dataset.

    • Definition of the Distribution: The user should provide a clear and concise definition or description of the Distribution.

  1. To add a variable list to a Distribution, the user needs to define and name each variable within that Distribution. Here are the steps to define a variable:

    • Name the variables: Assign appropriate and meaningful names to each variable.

    • Define the variables: For each variable, provide a clear and specific definition that describes what the variable represents or measures. This definition should capture the meaning and purpose of the variable in the dataset.

    • Datatype: When defining the datatype of each variable, users should assign the appropriate datatype.

To obtain an extended view of the added variable, the user can click on the corresponding icon.

Once selected, a pop-up will appear with additional information regarding the variable. You can further edit the variable information here. Once complete, select "Save Changes" to save your edits.

  1. To add additional variables to the created Distribution, users should click on the "Add" button within that Distribution.

Once complete, don't forget to select "Create" to save the Datasets and Distributions.

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