Data Request Application

A data request refers to a formal request or solicitation made by an individual or team to access specific data or information. It typically involves requesting data from a data custodian for a particular purpose, such as research, analysis, or decision-making. A data request outlines the details of the requested data, including the scope, format, and any specific requirements or conditions. The data custodian then evaluates the request and, if approved, provides the requested data to the requester, considering any applicable legal, privacy, and security considerations.

What are the steps involved in creating an application for a data request?

  1. From the Tablion homepage, select the "Step 2: Submit a Data Request" option.

  1. Researchers will be directed to a page displaying a comprehensive list of all available datasets.

Additionally, the page provides information regarding the specific data passport required to access each dataset.

  1. The researcher can proceed by clicking on the desired dataset to initiate the data access request.

  1. The researcher will be redirected to a page where they can access and review all the relevant information regarding the selected dataset.

  1. The researcher must click on the "Start access request" button to initiate the data request process for the selected dataset. If the researcher does not have the Required Passport to access this data, they can also apply for a data passport from this page as well.

  1. The researcher must fill out the data request form with the required information:

    • Title: The title of the data request. This is for identification purposes and is not used for the assessment of the request.

    • Purpose: The reason behind why you are requesting this data and your intention on how you are going to utilise it.

    • Are you applying as an individual or as a team? If you select 'Individual' you cannot invite others to access the dataset. Alternatively, you can select 'Team' and this option allows you to invite other users from the member's tab to this access request. Note: If you select to invite other users from your team, they will need to hold the relevant Passport applicable for their role within Tablion to access the data.

    All other questions in a data request application are set by the Dataset owners, these questions will/may vary from dataset to dataset within the platform.

  1. The researcher can click on the provided options and utilise the metadata to choose the desired variables for their data request.

To access more information about the metadata, researchers can click on the designated icon to redirect them to the item page within an Aristotle Metadata Registry.

These links will direct researchers to an Aristotle Metadata Registry, where they can find more details about the specific field name.

Researchers can click on the "Submit" button once they complete their data request.

Once the researcher clicks on the "Submit" button, they will be redirected to a summary page displaying the details of the submitted data request.

What type of information is typically displayed on the submitted data request page?

  1. The progress bar visually represents the data request's current status, indicating the progress and stage of the request.

  2. Researchers can view a summary of their data request from the highlighted section, which provides an overview of the necessary details and information related to the request.

  3. Researchers can view the requested dataset and the variables selected as part of their data request from the highlighted section.

  4. Researchers can update their application before the data request is approved.

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