How to Block User Accounts

Blocking an account in Tablion refers to restricting or blocking a user's access to the platform. When an account is blocked, the user associated with that account is prevented from logging in or using the features and functionalities of Tablion. The Administrator can do this through the Admin tools section of Tablion.

The user needs to be an Administrator of Tablion to block user accounts.

Steps to block a user account

  1. To access the "Admin tools" section, users should navigate to the Administrator homepage and click on the designated option labelled "Admin tools."

  1. In the user section, select the specific user's email address whose account needs to be blocked.

  1. On the user profile page, the Administrator should navigate to the management section and locate the "Block User" option. The Administrator can block or deactivate the user's account by clicking on this option.

  1. To block the account, the Administrator must provide a reason for the block and then click on the "Block User" by specifying a reason. The Administrator can give clarity or context for the account block by specifying a reason.

An email confirmation will be sent to the affected user and all site Administrators upon blocking the account.

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