How to Add Additional User Profile Fields to Request Data

Adding additional profile fields for users refers to including more data fields or information categories in user profiles. The Administrator can gather a broader range of user details, allowing for more comprehensive profiles. These fields can be customised to collect specific information relevant to Tablion.

Steps to add additional fields:

  1. To access the "Admin tools" section, users should navigate to the homepage and click on the designated option labelled "Admin tools."

  1. The Administrator should click "Edit additional profile fields" in the Users section.

  1. To add more fields for collecting information from users, the Administrator should click the "Add" button.

  1. The Administrator can add a question and provide help text for each field. They can customise the question's wording to gather specific information from users.

The Administrator can set each field's "required" attribute to either true or false:

  • When set to true, it indicates that the field is mandatory, and users must provide an answer for that particular field.

  • When set to false, the field becomes optional, and users can leave it blank or provide a response.

  1. The Administrator can delete any added field if needed.

The Administrator must click the "Save Changes" button to save the added fields.

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