How to digitise an undertaking or legal agreement around data use

Undertakings are a per-user agreement around data usage that must be viewed and approved by each team member for every data request. This ensures accountability and compliance with data protection regulations, fostering a culture of responsible data handling and privacy. By requiring each team member to actively participate in the approval process, organisations can foster a culture of data privacy and security, where every individual is aware of their role in safeguarding sensitive information.

How to add an undertaking to a dataset

  1. From the Tablion homepage, navigate to the dataset library.

  2. On the dataset library page, locate the dataset you wish to add an undertaking to.

  3. Click on Manage dataset.

  4. Navigate to the "Application requirements" tab.

  5. Scroll down to the "Undertakings" section on the dataset's page and add the undertaking under the statement section.

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