Dataset Library

The dataset library in Tablion is a collection of available datasets that researchers can explore and request. It provides a centralised location where researchers can find information about various datasets, including their metadata, variables, and access requirements. The dataset library helps researchers discover relevant datasets for their research purposes and facilitates the data request process.

How can researchers search for datasets?

  1. From the Tablion homepage, researchers can easily access the dataset library by clicking on the designated option.

  2. From the dataset library in Tablion, researchers have the ability to view and browse through the comprehensive list of all available datasets that can be requested.

  3. In the dataset library of Tablion, researchers can view the names of the available datasets.

    In the dataset library of Tablion, researchers can also access the descriptions associated with each dataset.

    In the dataset library of Tablion, researchers can view information regarding the passport or access requirements necessary to request specific datasets.

    Researchers can view any additional requirements that are needed to request specific datasets.

    By clicking on the name of a dataset in the dataset library of Tablion, researchers can access more detailed information about that particular dataset.

What type of information is typically displayed on the dataset page?

  1. In the dataset page of Tablion, the name of the dataset is typically displayed on the top left corner of the page.

  2. The highlighted area in the dataset library of Tablion typically contains a description or summary of the dataset.

  3. If a dataset is synced from the Aristotle Registry in Tablion, the highlighted section serves as a navigation link that redirects researchers to the corresponding dataset page within the Aristotle Registry.

  4. Each dataset in Tablion can have different tables as distributions, each containing specific field names that researchers can request via a data request.

  5. Researchers can initiate a data request for a given dataset by clicking on the "Start Access Request" button.

  6. Researchers can conveniently view their previous data requests by accessing the "Your Data Requests" section.

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