Data request undertaking

Undertakings are a per-user agreement around data usage that must be viewed and approved by each team member for every data request. This ensures accountability and compliance with data protection regulations, fostering a culture of responsible data handling and privacy. By requiring each team member to participate in the approval process, organisations can actively promote a data privacy and security culture where everyone knows their role in safeguarding sensitive information.

The dataset owners configure each undertaking for requesting access to a dataset. Each undertaking may vary depending on the requested dataset.

How to acknowledge the data undertaking

  1. Upon completing a data request, the researcher will be directed to the data request application page.

  2. The researcher will receive a notification at the top of the page, prompting them to complete the undertaking.

  1. The researcher can click on the undertaking to view its contents.

  1. After reading the undertaking, the researcher is required to tick the checkbox to acknowledge the undertaking.

  1. The researcher must click the "Submit Acknowledgement" button to submit their acknowledgment of the undertaking.

  1. After submitting the acknowledgment, the researcher can download a copy of the signed undertaking.

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