Data Request Approval

A data request refers to a formal solicitation for access to or retrieval of data. It typically involves a requestor seeking specific information or datasets from a data custodian. The purpose of a data request can vary, such as conducting research, performing analysis, making informed decisions, or fulfilling legal and regulatory obligations. A data request may specify the type of data needed, the scope, timeframe, and any specific conditions or requirements for accessing or using the requested data.

How to approve a data request?

  1. To access the "Manage Access Requests" page within the Tablion dashboard, the data request approver is required to click on the "Manage access requests" option.

  2. Upon clicking on the "Manage access requests" option, the data request approver will be directed to the "Manage Data Access Requests" page.

    To access a specific data access request, the approver should click on the title or name of the request. Clicking on the title will navigate the approver to the detailed page of that particular data access request

What is the information present on the data access request approver page?

Summary Tab

The "Summary" tab provides essential details about the information the researcher is requesting from the organisation. This page includes information such as the purpose of the data access request, the specific dataset being requested, the names of the members involved in the request, and any ongoing communication with the requestor.

  1. Under the "Application Summary" section, the data request approver has the ability to review and assess the purpose of the data access request.

  2. The data request approver can conveniently view the status of a particular data request through a status bar.

  3. The approver has the capability to view the details of the dataset and variables that are being requested.

  4. Under the "Access Request Team Members" section, the approver can view the names of the members who are involved in the data request.

    If the approver clicks on a name listed under the "Access Request Team Members" section, they will be directed to the respective profile of that team member within Tablion.

  5. Under the "Actions" section, the approver has the option to download a PDF version of the applications and communication related to the data request.

  6. Approver needs to click on "Approve this application" to approve the data request application.

The approvers possess the ability to reopen an approved request.

How to facilitate the communication with requestor?

  1. Approvers can contribute new messages by utilising the comment text box found in the Correspondence section.

  1. Approvers can upload a document by clicking on the attachment icon.

  2. Approvers have the option to provide additional details and then click on the "Browse" button or drag and drop a file to attach the document.

  3. The approver can then click on the "Attach" option to include the document in the correspondence.

  4. The approver can click on the "Comment" button to add their comment for the attachment.

Members Tab

The "Members" tab provides information about the researchers who are involved in the given data request. It includes details about their roles, additional checklists, and the expiration dates of their passports, which are required as part of the data request.

The approver has the ability to download the user summary of the research, which contains information about the data access request, user details, and data passport information.

Attachments Tab

The "Attachment" tab provides information about all the additional documents that are being requested as part of a specific data access request. It includes details and descriptions of the documents that are required or relevant to the request.

This information includes the type of document, the document's name, the name of the person who uploaded it, the size of the document, the date when it was uploaded, and its current status.

The approver also has the option to view the document by clicking on the "View" button associated with it.

Project Details Tab

This tab provides information about the responses to the questions that researchers have answered as part of the data request. It includes the answers given by the researchers to the specific questions posed in the data request process.

Variables Tab

The "Variables" tab lists all the variables that a researcher has requested from an organisation as part of a data request. It provides an overview of the specific variables or data fields that the researcher has sought access to for their study or analysis.

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