Data Passport Approval

A data passport is a digital document or record that contains an individual's personal data and relevant information. It is a portable and secure form of identification used to verify and share personal information across Tablion. The data passport typically includes details such as name, date of birth, contact information, educational qualifications, and any security check information that may vary depending on the purpose and scope of the passport. A data passport is crucial in supporting researchers and teams seeking data from organisations. It is an authenticated document that researchers can provide to establish their identity and adherence to applicable regulations and ethical standards. This streamlined approach fosters a trustworthy environment for sharing data between organisations and researchers while upholding stringent privacy and security measures.

How to approve a data passport

  1. From the Tablion homepage, navigate to the "Manage Applications" section.

  1. Under the "Submitted" tab in the "Manage Applications" section of Tablion, the approver can view a list of all the data passport applications submitted for review.

  • Under the "Reference" column, the approver can view the data passport application numbers.

  • Under the "User" section, the approver can view user information associated with each application.

  • The approver can access information related to the data passport for which a researcher has applied.

  • The approver can view the status of each data passport application.

  • The approver can view when each data passport application was submitted.

  1. Select the "Manage" button associated with the application they wish to review.

They will be directed to a new page to review the submitted application.

What type of information is typically displayed on the data passport approval page?

  1. The Passport Approver can review the information related to the submitted passport, such as the requester's name, email, the Passport type being requested, the status of the request, and when the request was created.

  1. The Passport Approver can review the answers to the questions submitted by the researcher.

  1. The Passport Approver can view the documents uploaded by researchers as part of the data passport application.

  1. The Passport Approver can decide on the submitted application and can choose to accept or deny the application.

  1. Once the Passport Approver has selected to approve or deny an application, they can provide comments in the closure section.

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