How to change User roles in Tablion

In Tablion, every user who registers for an account will be assigned a default role of a Researcher. However, the Administrators of Tablion hold the authority to assign users specific roles according to their responsibilities and privileges. These roles may include Data Passport Approver, who can approve data passports, or Data Request Approver, who can approve data requests. By assigning relevant roles, Administrators ensure that users have appropriate permissions and can perform their designated tasks effectively within the Tablion system.

  1. From the Tablion homepage, select "Admin Tools".

  1. Under the "Users" section, Administrators can view a list of registered users in Tablion along with their assigned roles.

  1. To modify the permissions for a specific user in Tablion, the Administrator should click on the email address associated with that user.

  1. Within the "User Type" session, the Administrator can choose the desired role they wish to update for that specific user.

  1. To successfully change the role for that specific user, the Administrator should click on the "Update" button.

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