How to Manage Datasets in Tablion

Managing datasets in Tablion allows Administrators to configure datasets per the Organisation's needs.

  1. To access the Dataset Management page, navigate to the "Admin tools".

  1. From here, select "Datasets" from the Administration Tools Actions menu.

  1. You can now manage the Datasets by selecting the "Manage" button next to the Dataset you would like to order.

Below are the different tabs available to manage for each Dataset:

  • Overview: The "Manage Dataset" section in Tablion enables Administrators to configure datasets according to the specific needs of the Organisation.

  • Application Requirements: This tab provides Administrators with the ability to configure various aspects of the data passports, approvers, team submission, and more. Within this tab, Administrators can customise and set up the settings related to data passports, defining the criteria and requirements for accessing specific data. They can also manage the approvers, determining the individuals or roles responsible for reviewing and approving data requests.

This tab is expanded on in an additional help page, available here.

  • Access Request Details: This tab details the data request questions associated with the specific Dataset.

  • Onboarding: The "Download Onboarding Audit Log" feature allows users to retrieve a comprehensive record of the onboarding process. By utilising this functionality, Administrators and authorised personnel can obtain a detailed log that includes approved data requests, user profile information, undertakings, and request details.

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