How to add questions in created data passport?

dmins have the ability to add multiple questions to the created data passport. This feature aims to gather all the necessary information that researchers need to provide when requesting access to a dataset. By including various questions, admins can ensure that researchers provide all the relevant details required for their data access requests.

Steps to add multiple questions to the data passport:

  1. From the Tablion homepage, admins can click on "Admin Tools."

  2. Under the "Data Passport Types" section, admins should click on the "Manage" button to access the feature for adding multiple questions to the data passport.

  3. Admins should scroll down to the "Data Passport Questions" section and click on the "Add" button to initiate the process of adding questions to a specific data passport.

  • Add new question to selected section: By selecting this option, the administrator will be granted the ability to add a question to the current section.

  • Add new section: Admins have the ability to organise their data passport questionnaire by adding questions to new sections by click on "Add new section". This allows for better categorisation and structure of the questionnaire.

  1. While adding a specific question, admins have the option to specify the type of field that the question represents. This allows admins to define the format or input method for researchers when answering the question.

  1. Admins have the flexibility to customise their data passport questions using the following options:

  • Question Text: This field allows admins to provide a descriptive name or prompt for the specific question they are adding to the data passport.

  • Required: Admins can determine whether the question is mandatory or optional for researchers to answer when submitting their data access requests. Setting required as "True" means researchers must provide an answer to the question.

  • Help Text: Admins can include additional explanatory or guidance text related to the specific question. This helps researchers better understand the context or provide relevant information when responding to the question.

  1. In addition to conditional questions, admins have further customisation options available for the data passport questionnaire:

    • Conditional Question: Admins can create questions that are conditionally dependent on the response to a previous question.

    • Conditional Value: Admins can set conditional values for a question, where the options or possible responses are determined based on the selected value from a previous question.

After adding questions to the data passport, admins can click on the "Save question changes" button.

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