An administrator user is an individual or group responsible for managing the Tablion system and its associated functionalities. The Administrator has the authority to manage the datasets available for request throughout the platform, customise the Tablion system according to the organisation's needs, and manage the user accounts and permissions within the system. The responsibilities of the Administrator also include monitoring the quality of the data available in the system, ensuring the security and privacy of the registry data, and defining the standards.

What are the Admin tools?

The specific Admin tools available in Tabilon may vary depending on the platform's version and any customisations made. However, typical Admin tools on Tabilon may include:

  1. User management tools to add, block, and modify user accounts and permissions.

  2. Content management tools to pull the dataset from an Aristotle Metadata Registry.

  3. Design customisation tools to modify the look and feel of the platform, such as changing the colour scheme or adding a logo.

  4. Security tools to configure security settings and access controls to protect sensitive information.

  5. Analytics and reporting tools to track platform usage and user activity.

How to navigate to the Admin tools

To access the Admin tools on the Tablion platform, an Administrator must click "Admin tools" in the top right corner of the homepage.

The Administrators of Tabilon can customise the Tabilon platform to the specific requirements of their organisations.

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